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"Photographs open the doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future” 
- Sally Mann


Sadly I only have a handful of very bad maternity photos.  At the time, there were no professional photographers in my area, so my husband took some photos.   I am standing alone, wearing my pyjamas in poor lighting. 


My children love to look at these photos  when they were of in ‘my belly’ but it saddens me that I don’t have professional photos of my three beautiful pregnancy’s. I wished I had some intimate maternal portraits, my hands resting gently on top of my belly as I looked down and smile, my husband hugging me and our bump. 

I understand that pregnancy is different for everyone, some adore their bump, others struggle with the changes in their body, your hormones are on overdrive, your excited and nervous all at once, but  I do believe all women glow during pregnancy.  It is a beautiful time in your life when you're quietly celebrating the miracle of a little person growing inside you.  It doesn’t matter if this is your first or last pregnancy, this baby will change your life so why not get some photos before this chapter ends and the next one begins.    I would be pleased to take your photos, give you photos that you would be proud to look at with your children, ones that you could hang on your nursery wall.

If you’re a single mum remember, there is no rule stating that maternity photos are just for expectant couples.  If you’re a single mother you might like some photos on your own, or perhaps with a special person in your life, your mum or dad, a sibling, your best friend or your intended God parent.   


A maternity photo session isn't just about the expectant mom and dad. If you have other children, let them be part of the fun, after all they are just as excited or nervous about ‘their’ new baby and are just as important.


I would be delighted to help document this beautiful time in your life whether they are taken in the privacy of your home or at secluded location close by.


I know I am biased, but I strongly recommend that you consider a few maternity photos.

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