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An Outback Photographer



Hi, my name is Kylie.  There are three things I love most in the world, my family, rural Australia and photography. The combination of these three things, turned into my passion, Land and Life Photography.  

I deeply believe bush families and businesses deserve the same professional, genuine, high-quality and accessible photography services as our city cousins. I genuinely love taking photographs!

Due to my remote location and reduced market I do not specialize in just one area of photography. I provide a service in all forms of photography to accommodate the needs of all my clients.

“Kylie was simply amazing, very professional and experimental, I couldn’t be happier with the end results. We were very comfortable and relaxed and shared many laughs”

I live a few hours west of Bourke, on a cattle station in far Western New South Wales.  Our property is actually just next to the Queensland boarder.   I am married to my best friend, David and have three beautiful and amazing children, who are all just starting their adult lives. 


I’m ‘old fashioned’ and do print all the photos taken of my family.  With a rough count I have over fourteen thousand precious photos stored in many photo albums.  My family love sitting together, pouring through these memories, provoking many emotions as we look back at moments in our lives that will never be repeated.  I have also had some photos printed in photobooks to sit on our coffee table. 


I take ‘real life’ land photos whilst working alongside my husband, or while travelling around our vast country.  I love capturing the colours, the light, the space and the extraordinary beauty of the outback.  Some photos are taken with my drone, giving people a bird’s eye view of our amazing land and life.  


My life photographs are taken in the Far Western area of NSW and SW Queensland, and with the striking backdrop of rural Australia the photos are unique and real.   I capture life-long moments, of laughter, of fun, of life ,of your celebrations with those people that are most treasured in your life. 

As a small business owner, I understand there are times businesses and organisations need professional images. It would be my pleasure to take your photos, whether it be for media, marketing or just for a record a special event. 

If you have any further questions or wish to make a booking, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Thank you



I look forward to spending time with you.  

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