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When I purchased my first drone several years ago I made sure that I was complying with CASA rules regarding Drones ( There are many strict guidelines and important rules set out by CASA regarding the safe and responsible use of drones, and if you buy or fly a drone you legally have to follow the guidelines or face huge fines or possible jail time.

I registered my drone and keep up to date with any changes to the rules.

In June, 2020 I attended a NSW TAFE run, Drone Essential Course, covering Drone Essentials, Control Remote Pilot Aircraft System On The Ground and Operate And Manage Remote Pilot Aircraft Systems.

Last weekend, with thanks to the Quilpie Cultural Society, I travelled with two friends to the Queensland town of Quilpie and attended a Masterclass Drone Photography Workshop. The presented, Fiona Lake, is a professional photographer, specializing in agriculture and aerial photography with over thirty years experience. Please check out Fiona's website

Apart from learning more about drone photography, I met a wonderful new group of people and enjoyed seeing the sights of beautiful Quilpie. If you are in the area Quilpie is well worth a stop over.

Drone photography is a specialized skill and I hope to continue to learn and improve.

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