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Local Business, Supporting Local Business.

As I live in a small rural community I try, where possible to support my local businesses. Why?

When buying a product or using a local service or business, you are not only supporting your local economy, but also supporting your neighbors.

When you buy local, you help feed their families, pay their bills, and put a roof over his or her family’s head. If they do the same, then they help feed another persons family, help pay someone else's bills, and help put a roof over another families head. When you buy local, it stays local.

When I needed a website designed, I contacted a local graphic designer Laura Gillard Design #lauragillarddesign. By working with her local business I could easily pop into see her, and I found dealing with her face to face made the whole process easy. I was extremely happy with the final result.

Recently Laura wished to upgrade her marketing photos so she contacted my local business to take her photos.

I know it is not always possible, but supporting your local business helps both you and your community.

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