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Touching Base

Some of you may not be aware, but I live on a large Cattle Station in remote NSW, a few hours from the small country town of Bourke. For most photo bookings I have to travel at least 160 kilometres on an unsealed bumpy dirt road to meet with my clients. I am comfortable driving on an outback road that can sometimes take a little longer than they should! I am fortunate that I get to see so many remarkable things that I can’t help but stop, grab my camera and capture the beauty of the outback.

I do not have mobile phone service at home or when I travel on the surrounding outback roads. At home I rely heavily on our satellite internet service to communicate with my clients. Unfortunately, if there is a problem with the internet, my only way to connect with you is with our precious ‘old fashion” land line phone.

Recently I had no internet for over a month, apparently a part on the satellite dish had out lived itself. During this time, I sadly missed several photography bookings. If you have messaged me on social media, or through my website and I have not replied within two days, please go to my web page and you will find my landline number. I would love to talk to you!.

Maybe, and I emphasis maybe, in the future we will have mobile service. If our Internet fails then I can still get your messages.

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