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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

When you live in rural Australia having a baby can be the most exciting, but stressful time of your life. Sadly you have to travel away to have your babies. This means packing up and leaving home a few weeks before your due date and waiting and waiting for your labor to begin. After the excitement of the birth, you then have to stay for a few more days to ensure both you and your babies health is good, before FINALLY getting to travel back home.

The last thing you think about or want to stay away from home for is newborn photos. As a rural mum of three I truly understand so instead of having to attend a photographic studio, I will come to you. I will take your precious newborn photos, where you are most comfortable, In your home.

I bring all the necessary equipment with me and will set up in your lounge room or bedroom, or whatever room has the most natural light. You still get those beautiful treasured newborn photos, without having to again get in your car and travel somewhere. There is no time limit and I will work around your baby and you.

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