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I have always loved photography, I get great enjoyment from taking photos, but I also love the memories photos create. Life gets busy and things like printing photos don't seem that important. If you can find the time, if there is one thing I can recommend to anyone that will listen, it would be to please print some of your photos!

Many people take photos on a camera or phone, photos of their children, their family, their special events, but most people do nothing with them. If you lose an SD card or your phone, many of these memories can be lost forever.

I understand due to modern ways it is very easy to save photos in 'the cloud', but how many of you ever return to the cloud and look back at those happy precious moments in your life?

When I was a child my mother use to print our photos, little black and white ones (yes I am showing my age), but she is the only one with a copy. If they were to be lost or accidently destroyed those happy memories would be gone forever! When my children were born I started their own individual photo albums and printed second copies, not all of them, just some of those 'special' photos. Now that my children are young adults they each have their own copies of their photos, of their lives from birth to adulthood. These are theirs to keep, to take with them

wherever life takes them and they will always be able to look back over them.

Just like many of you, I have been busy and have failed to practice what I preach. During the Covid restrictions I used the time to get eighteen months worth of family photos printed, sorted and put into albums. I have loved looking back at our past eighteen months and it always amazes me how much happens in such a short time, how we all change and grow. Some things I had already forgotten, but these photos will be my permanent memories.

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